Dr Oz Alzheimers Cure, Rhodiola Black Tea & Jarlsberg for Lung Cancer

By on June 2, 2012

Dr Oz Week In Review

Dr Oz had some life changing ideas and cures on his show this week, from foods that fight cancer to Alzheimers Cure research and ways you can prevent or reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease. If you’ve been meaning to catch up on his latest remedies and recipes, this is your chance. Here are the week’s most popular Dr Oz segments.

Dr Oz: Keratin Powder for Thinning Hair & Stretch Mark Solutions

Alzheimers Cure: Dr Oz

Dr Oz's best segments this week included an Alzheimers Cure & prevention tips; Black Rhodiola Tea for Weight Loss & a cancer fighting grocery list.

Dr Oz answered more of the audience’s most embarrassing questions, and it turns out that many people are wondering what to do about their hair. Whether it’s thinning, balding, or just uncooperative, products like Keratin Powder could help you get control. Plus, how Celery Root Juice helps your cankles & more surprising beauty advice.

Keratin Hair Powder & Celery Root Juice Remedies on Dr Oz

Dr Oz: Alzheimers Cure & Prevention Plan

The effects of Alzheimer’s Disease can be devastating, not only for the patient, but also their loved ones. But ongoing research suggests that the symptoms and risk factors can be prevented, and in some cases even reversed. Get Dr Oz’s 6 Step Miracle Alzheimers Cure.

Dr Oz: 6 Step Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention Plan & Miracle Cure

Dr Oz: Jarlsberg Cheese Fights Lung Cancer

The next time you get ready to buy groceries, find out how the items you put in your cart could be helping you prevent or fight certain types of cancer. Jarlsberg Cheese is a proven cancer fighter, and Dr Oz shared a whole shopping list of foods that will lower your risks and improve your overall health.

Dr Oz Cancer Fighting Foods: Jarlsberg Cheese Prevents Lung Cancer?

Dr Oz: Rhodiola Black Tea & Curvy Girls Fitness Guide

Could switching from coffee to Black Tea with Rhodiola in the mornings help you shape your body? Dr Oz thinks so, and he shared his best advice in the Curvy Girls Fitness Guide this week on the show. Find out how he can help you Whittle Your Middle with recipes and supplements to help you feel healthy no matter what your shape.

Black Tea with Rhodiola: Dr Oz’s Curvy Girls Guide To Being Fit

Orange & Avocado Salad: Dr Oz Slim Belly Recipes

Different body types need different nutrients to thrive, and that’s why Dr Oz shared some great recipes. Dr Oz’s Orange & Avocado Salad is easy, fresh and great tasting. See what else he’s cooking up, and learn the best foods for your body type.

Dr Oz Food Combinations: Slim Bottom Dip & Slim Belly Salad Recipes

Dr Oz Week In Review – May 28 – June 1 2012

In case you missed any of this week’s informative shows, here’s a look back at all of Dr Oz’s suggestions, recipes & segments:

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