Dr Oz: Alzheimer’s Pesticide Link & Bitter Nail Polish Review


Dr Oz Recap April 1 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by sharing three new ways to prevent Alzheimer’s and the best part is they are easier than you think and could add years to your life! Next, learn the truth about orange juice and get Dr. Oz’s tips to shop smarter at the grocery store. Plus, find out what is really causing your raspy voice because there could be a health problem to blame, like allergies or acid reflux. Finally, find out ways to get your nail biting habit under control once and for all when Dr. Oz discusses the dirty little habit that so many of us are too embarrassed to talk about.

Dr Oz: Alzheimer’s Pesticide Link + Fish Oil Lowers Risk

Dr. Oz discusses groundbreaking new research that reveals even more ways to prevent Alzheimer’s, including eating more fish and taking a folic acid supplement. Keep reading to see how you lower your risk for getting the disease!

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