Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Hot List: 24 Hours to Stop Aging


Dr Oz: 24 Hours to Stop Aging

DR OZ FANS UPDATE: The recaps of this Dr Oz Show are now posted online. Here are the relevant links:

Dr Oz’s show on Friday May 20, 2011 is called 24 Hours To Stop Aging.  Doctor Oz will talk about how to wipe out wrinkles, how to cut off Cancer Cells and how to eliminate exhaustion.  But I am most excited to hear Dr Oz’s Anti-Aging Hot List.  What kind of excellent Anti-Aging Products has he come up with for us this time?  I hope he can live up to the segment he did on 7 Essentials for Women Over 40!  Plus, Dr Oz will give us a 24-hour Check List for how to live longer.  Dr Oz Anti-Aging Products

Dr Oz: Fast Food Diet

Dr Oz will also do a segment where he reveals his Fast Food Diet.  Sounds too good to be true!  I wonder if it will truly be a diet where we can lose weight by eating only fast food, or if it will be suggestions for healthier options at Fast Food Restaurants, like this segment that he did: Dr Oz: Fast Food Quick Fixes: Taco Bell, McDonalds & Wendy’s.  It seems to me that at the end of the day, it will always be healthier to cook with fresh organic food in your home than to eat fast food, but maybe Dr Oz will reveal something that I don’t know yet.  Frankly, even if you ignore the whole organic thing, when was the last time that you got a healthy portion of vegetables at a Fast Food joint?

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