Dr Oz Antioxidant Supplements Cause Cancer & Ashwagandha Stress Remedy


Dr Oz Recap February 22 2013

Dr. Oz revealed startling new evidence that shows antioxidant supplements could actually cause cancer rather than prevent the disease. Could you be overdosing on antioxidants and not even realize it? Find out the proper dosing and the best food sources for the most important antioxidant vitamins and minerals. Dr. Oz also shared an Ayurvedic quiz to help you determine your skin type along with the right foods to eat for each one.

Dr Oz: Antioxidant Supplement Warning & Dr Oz Vitamin A Recommendation

If you have always believed that antioxidants were good for you then you need to see what Dr. Oz learned that changed his dosing recommendation for Vitamin A. Shocking new evidence reveals that you could be overdosing on antioxidants! Could they actually be putting you at higher risk for certain cancers? Read on to find out!

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