Dr Oz: Are Antibiotics Safe? & Throat Clearing Sign Of Acid Reflux?


Dr Oz Recap March 11 2013

Dr. Oz issued a serious warning about overusing antibiotics medications and the risk of becoming resistant if you take them too much. He explained the difference between bacterial and viral infections as well as what you need to know about reducing your family’s risk for becoming resistant. Also, find out what your body language reveals about your personality as well as the clues it could be revealing about your health!

Dr Oz: Antibiotic Resistance & Do Antibiotics Cure Viral Infections?

Dr. Oz shared the startling reality that Americans are taking too many antibiotic medications and putting themselves at risk for potentially deadly superbugs! Find out what he has to say about when you really need an antibiotic and when they are actually causing you more harm than good.

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