Dr Oz: Are Your Poop & Pee Normal?

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Dr Oz: Are Your Poop & Pee Normal?

By on September 15, 2011

Dr Oz: Poop & Pee

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Dr Oz’s Show on September 15, 2011 is called “Are Your Poop & Pee Normal?”  Doctor Oz has always been known for being open, even about embarrassing topics that many people shy away from – like poop and pee!  But as he says, the Dr Oz Show is a “No Embarrassment Zone,” so he will be dedicating an entire show to how to tell if your poop and pee are normal or not.  The color of your poop and pee are likely to be discussed, as these tend to be clues, but what other warning signs might you find by looking in your toilet bowl?  Dr Oz will talk about potential warning signs for Diabetes, Crohn’s Disease, Kidney Disease and even Stomach Cancer.  Plus, he will discuss foods that help to keep your poop regular.  I wonder what new foods he will share with us – surely they will be rich in fiber.  Here are some tips from a previous episode of Dr Oz on warning signs you can find in your poop and pee:

Dr Oz: Poop Warning Signs

Dr Oz did another segment on How to Check Your Poop, and he discussed what it could mean if you have White Poop, Black Poop or Red Poop.  Brown Poop is of course the normal color.  White Poop can be an early sign of Cancer because it often indicates that your Gall Bladder is blocked off or that your liver is not working properly.  Black Poop can mean that there is an ulcer in your stomach that is bleeding, particularly when your poop has an unusually bad odor.  And Red Poop is generally caused by blood and could indicate that you have Colon Cancer.

Dr Oz: Pee Warning Signs

Dr Oz also did a previous show on What Different Colored Urine Means.  Here is a brief summary of what he said: Dr Oz Pee & Poop

–  Dark Yellow Urine can be a sign of dehydration

–  Pink Urine can be a sign of a UTI or Cancer

–  Florescent Pee is frequently caused by B Vitamins

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