Dr Oz Argireline Cream Natural Botox, Parsley Tea & Faturday Diet


Dr Oz Argireline Cream & Parsley Tea

Dr Oz’s show on July 16, 2012 features the Fat-urday Cheat Diet Plan (which includes a list of Faturday Cheat Foods like Lucy’s Cookies and dark chocolate chili peppers!)  And if you are looking for a more instant form of gratification, Doctor Oz also gave tips for How to Look Like You Dropped a Jean Size without losing a pound.  But my favorite segment was the one on Argireline vs Botox.  If you have been thinking about getting botox to treat your crows feet (the fine wrinkles around your eyes), then it sounds like you should definitely consider trying Argireline Cream first as a natural form of Botox.  If you are more concerned about your eye bags than crows feet, Dr Oz shared a home remedy for that too: Parsley Tea.  All you have to do to try Dr Oz’s Parsley Tea eye bag remedy is to make the tea and freeze it in an ice cube tray.  Then place the parsley tea ice cubes under your eyes to reduce your eye bags.


  1. Rachel says

    I see on the show that Dr. Oz recommended an Argireline based eye cream. What is everybody here using?

  2. sandy says

    Rachel, I have had great success with Elite Serum, every since Dr. Oz recommended it in February. It has the highest concentration of Argireline among many other wrinkle fighting peptides. Good Luck!

  3. sandy says

    I bought it on their website at eliteserum dot com, only $59. Its on other sites like Amazon and Dermstore also but higher price. Hope this helps.

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