Dr Oz: Arnica Gel Pain Relief & Probiotic Rheumatoid Arthritis Remedy


Dr Oz Recap May 21 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by revealing ways supermarkets are tricking you into buying foods that make you fat. Learn how to beat them at their own game and avoid falling into their marketing traps. Next, Dr. Oz shares a new carb that he wants in your kitchen cabinet. Learn how to buy and cook Farro and find out how easy it is to use it in your favorite risotto recipe! Finally, get all-natural remedies for migraine headaches, including magnesium-rich foods and a Cefaly medical device. Plus, Dr. Oz has a no-pill prescription for your biggest pain complaints that includes taking a probiotic to reduce inflammation.

Dr Oz: Salt Sugar Fat Michael Moss & How Your Grocery Store Tricks You

Dr Oz Arnica Gel vs Ibuprofen

Dr Oz recommends Arnica Gel for chronic pain relief because it works as effectively as Ibuprofen to ease your discomfort.


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