Dr Oz: Arsenic Apple Juice: What’s In America’s Apple Juice?

By on September 13, 2011

Dr Oz: Arsenic in Apple Juice?

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Dr Oz’s Show on September 14, 2011 is called ” Arsenic Apple Juice: What’s In America’s Apple Juice?”  Are our children in danger?  Doctor Oz took on a shocking investigation of apple juice in America.  From the sounds of it, there may be arsenic in our kid’s apple juice, cereal, cookies and candy.  Dr Oz will reveal the brands that did not pass his test, so be sure to come back to wellbuzz.com on September 14th for a full summary of Doctor Oz’s findings.

Dr Oz: Apple Juice Brands With Arsenic

Dr Oz did a test on five different Apple Juice brands, and the scary thing is that apparently he found levels of Arsenic in some of the samples that are even higher than what the EPA says is safe for in our drinking water.  One of the Apple Juice samples apparently even had more Arsenic than the FDA says is safe for in fruit juice.

Doctor Oz was quoted as saying the following:

“As a doctor and a parent, it’s concerning to me that there could be toxins such as arsenic in juice we are giving to our kids,” said two time Emmy Award winning host Dr. Mehmet Oz. “While we do not know of any cases of poisonings, we do know that arsenic is a substance that shouldn’t be in food and could be associated with various public health problems such as cancer.  Our show today demonstrates that there is in fact arsenic in some juice products and advocates that allowable levels should be equal with tap and bottled water standards.”

Not surprising, none of the Apple Juice brands that Dr Oz tested agreed to make an appearance on his show, and nobody from the FDA wanted to speak about this either.  However, the Juice Products Association and the FDA did send in statements (which I would guess are some carefully chosen words from their legal departments).

Arsenic Apple Juice, while obviously it does not sound appealing, the health ramifications are quite worrisome.  Arsenic, a heavy metal, has been linked to both kidney problems and Cancer.  There are two types of Arsenic – inorganic Arsenic and naturally occurring Arsenic.  The inorganic form is the more dangerous form which can cause cancer, but the CDC claims that the effects of Organic Arsenic are not well known at this point (other than that it can cause diarrhea and kidney damage, but that is scary enough to me!).

Dr Oz: Juice Products Association Fights Back

The Juice Products Association (JPA) has already released a statement saying that Dr Oz’s show that will air about Arsenic Apple Juice is misleading.  One quote that was released by the JPA is the following: Dr Oz Apple Juice

“The results of tests for arsenic in apple juice that were shared by the Dr. Oz Show with the Juice Products Association should not be interpreted as fact,” said Gail Charnley, Ph.D., a toxicologist for JPA.  “Subsequent FDA testing of the same lots of juice from one of the named brands, using the appropriate method for testing arsenic levels in juice, found significantly lower levels of arsenic, all well under any FDA level of concern.”

Another quote released by the JPA is as follows:

“Apple juice is a safe and nourishing beverage for people of all ages,” said Carol Freysinger, executive director for The Juice Products Association. “Safety and quality are the top priorities for U.S. juice producers.  The FDA conducts sampling of juice and juice concentrates and has found no safety concerns in apple juice.  The juice industry also does its own testing to ensure its products meet or exceed government guidelines and are safe for consumers to enjoy. The members of the Juice Products Association are committed to providing safe and nutritious fruit juice products.”

Having read a bit from both sides of the Arsenic Apple Juice controversy, I cannot wait to see what Dr Oz presents in his show on Arsenic in Apple Juice!  Don’t forget to come back to wellbuzz.com on September 14 2011 for a complete recap of everything that Doctor Oz covers on his show!


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Comments to Dr Oz: Arsenic Apple Juice: What’s In America’s Apple Juice?

  1. It amazed me to see how Dr Besser attacked Dr Oz today on GMA! He clearly lost control of his emotions. Wait…I,m sure he used to work for the CDC…maybe he’s sensitive because he still has connections?? I wish he could have had a reasonable fact finding conversation as Dr Oz seemingly wanted.
    I think it’s brave Dr Oz is willing to come up against a significant, potentially scary governmental agency like the FDA to protect th American public. But that’s who at freedom of speech is all about, right?
    I wonder if Besser still believes in that basic American value?
    Thanks Dr Oz.
    From an American citizen & Family

  2. heard about this & appreciate the info but what about the candies & cereals that have been mentioned?? we need brand names pease!!

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