Dr Oz: Artificial Sweeteners & Diectyl Artificial Butter Flavor Danger


Dr Oz Recap December 14 2012

Today’s Dr. Oz show was focused on the health risks involved with artificial sweeteners and butter substitutes. It might surprise you to learn where these unhealthy ingredients are hiding and the potential health risks involved if you are consuming them in your diet.

Dr Oz: Artificial Sweetener Risks

Many people believe that artificial sweeteners are a better choice than real sugar, but studies have shown they are linked to a condition called Metabolic Syndrome. Could your soda or favorite snack also be putting you at risk for cancer?


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    I used the Xyitol and after a while I started having a lot of diarhea. It took a while for me to track it down to Xyitol but it was terrible. Don’t use it. What about Agave? I have heard some bad things also.

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