Dr Oz: Asian Ginseng Stress Reliever & Ballet Move Knee Exercise


Dr Oz Recap April 25 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by talking to a doctor who believes his 5 Bite Diet plan is the answer to put an end to obesity. He shared a 5 Bite Meal Plan and Dr. Oz expressed his concerns about this restrictive diet and how it might not be the healthiest way to lose weight. Next, Dr. Oz discusses knee pain and explains why surgery might not be the best option. Learn three exercises to strengthen your knees and prevent future injuries and discomfort. Also, Dr. Oz talks to America’s Veterinarian about high cholesterol in dogs and the signs to look for that something might be wrong with your pet. Finally, Dr. Oz shares natural remedies for your biggest mood swings, including an Asian Ginseng stress reliever.

Dr Oz: The 5 Bite Diet Review + Five Bite Diet Meal Plan Success Story

Dr Oz Asian Ginseng

Dr Oz recommends taking Asian Ginseng to ease your stress and prevent mood swings.

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