Dr Oz: Aspirin Stops a Heart Attack & Metabolism-Boosting Drink Recipe


Dr Oz Recap April 2 2o13

Dr. Oz began his show with Joan Rivers for a candid conversation about her life, her career and why she has had so much plastic surgery over the years. Dr. Oz then focused on improving your health, one room at a time. He shared ways to improve Feng Shui to get better sleep, kitchen gadgets that will transform your health and bathroom tips to prevent a heart attack.

Dr Oz Joan Rivers Bulimia & How Many Times Has She Had Plastic Surgery

Joan Rivers is known for her humor and for saying whatever she wants, but today she sat down with Dr. Oz to have an open discussion about her personal battle with bulimia as well as the effects her husband’s suicide had on her family. Keep reading to find out if Joan would still consider more plastic surgery at the age of 79!


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