Dr Oz: Bacopa Supplement Improves Memory & Is Fat Addictive?


Dr Oz Recap February 27 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by sitting down with investigative reporter Michael Moss to discuss how the food industry is using fat to keep you addicted to unhealthy foods. Learn how to shop smarter and find out how to avoid too much saturated fat in your diet. Next, Dr. Oz talked about Agave Nectar, which is a “natural” sweetener he has recommended in the past, but has now changed his opinion in light of new studies that show it could be worse for you than regular sugar! Also, find out to get a fuller head of hair by eating more protein and learn how to control your sweating by avoiding caffeine. Finally, Dr. Oz shares three anti-aging supplements, including Bacopa, which helps reduce your stress and improve your memory.

Dr Oz: Salt, Sugar, Fat Review & Is Fat Addictive?

Dr. Oz sat down with the author of the book Salt, Sugar, Fat to discuss ways the food industry is using fat to keep you hooked on the products you buy most. Keep reading to find out why Michael Moss calls fat the opiate of the food industry!

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