Dr Oz: Barbara Walters Heart Valve Surgery & Foreign Accent Syndrome


Dr Oz: Recap September 9 2013

Dr. Oz began a new season today with the best medicine possible, which is laughter. The stars of Whose Line is it, Anyway stopped by to perform improv for Dr. Oz and his audience, leaving everything laughing until their cheeks hurt. Do you think Foreign Accent Syndrome is real? Then Wayne Brady stuck around to talk about his struggle with stuttering and to entertain everyone a little more with his singing improv. Next, Dr. Oz shared everything you need to know about Fibroids, especially if you are a woman over 30 years old. Have you ever heard of the Saltine Cracker Urband Legend or other extreme food challenges? Learn what Dr. Oz had to say about a few of them and whether or not you should try them at home.

Dr Oz: Foreign Accent Syndrome & Is Cuddler’s Syndrome Real?

Dr Oz: Barbara Walters Heart Valve Surgery & Foreign Accent Syndrome

Dr Oz revealed the surprising health conditions of your favorite talk show hosts, including Barbara Walters’ Heart Valve Surgery.

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