Dr Oz: BCAA Powder Review + Safe to Use Water Pills for Weight Loss?


Dr Oz Recap April 28 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by sharing four new mega metabolism boosters to help you burn fat faster than ever before! Find out how BCAA Powder could be the answer you have been waiting to increase your lean muscle mass and shed unwanted pounds. Next, Dr. Oz explains the health risks of using water pills to lose weight and provides natural, safer options, including Dandelion Tea. Also, learn how to recognize the signs of an iron deficiency and find out which foods are best to boost your red blood cells and get your energy back. Lastly, Dr. Oz reveals 5-minute meals that are not only packed with protein, but are also delicious and good for you, too!

Dr Oz: White Bean Extract Review & BCAA Powder Review

Dr Oz Water Pills Health Risk

Dr Oz explains the health risks of losing water pills to lose weight and offers safe alternatives.



  1. nancy power says

    dr oz, I am 54 years old and i exercise,watch what i eat but i get bigger. i always feel and look so bloated so ive been trying water pills but they seam to bother my stomach. im alittle afraid to keep taking them and wanted to try acacia powder and hawrhorn berry. where would i buy it. thank you very much

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