Dr Oz: Belly Blaster Snack Options & Foods That Prevent “Crow’s” Feet


Dr Oz Recap April 29 2013

Today’s Dr. Oz Show started off an entire week dedicated to cleansing and detoxing your body so you can begin to look and feel better than ever before. Dr. Oz shared his 7 belly blasters that really work, including foods and supplements that will melt away your mid-section and have you shopping for a bikini in no time! Also, find out which foods are best to detox your skin to leave it glowing and youthful!

Dr Oz: Acacia Powder Shrinks Belly Fat & Do Pickles Improve Digestion?

Dr. Oz says the first step in blasting away belly fat is to speed up your metabolism, so he shared the supplements and foods to give your system a jump start! Did you know pickles improve your digestion? Find out what other surprising solutions Dr. Oz offered to rev up your metabolism and have you on your way to shrinking your fat cells!

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