Dr Oz: Best Detox Cleanse for Your Body Type & Energy Boosting Foods


Dr Oz Recap June 9 2014

Dr. Oz began this episode by discussing detox cleanses and the best one for your body type. Find out how to figure out your body type and see if a Vegan Cleanse is better for you than a Gut Flush to detox and shed a few pounds. Next, learn why fermented foods are healthy, like how they strengthen your immune system and make your gut healthier. Plus, Dr. Oz explains digital eye strain and  how the 20-20-20 Eye Exercise will keep your eye muscles strong and fend off early vision problems. Dr. Oz also spoke to a dream expert about what your dreams say about your health. Did you know a recurring dream about falling might be a sign of depression? Lastly, Dr. Oz shares the winner of his  healthy recipe challenge!

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