Dr Oz Best Time To Lose Weight & Kitchen Gadgets


Dr Oz: Chromium Picolinate for Sugar Addiction

Dr Oz’s Show on July 8, 2011 is about the Best Time of Day to Lose Weight.  Do you know when is the best time of day to exercise?  Doctor Oz says its at 6:35 am, right after you wake-up, go to the bathroom and step on the scale.  Then, you should eat breakfast at 7:30 am.  The best time of the day to boost your metabolism turns out to be at 8 am, and if you drink a glass of ice cold water you can lose one pound in a year (not bad for something so simple!).

Dr Oz: Sugar & Fat Addiction Plan

Dr Oz also presented a Sugar & Fat Addiction Program that can help you to break free of your Sugar and Fat Addictions Grant Howard Press & Measure Reviewin just 28 days.  One of the most interesting tips from this show is that you can help to get yourself over Sugar Withdrawal when you quit eating sugar by taking 1000 mg of Chromium Picolinate.  Another tip from Dr Melina Jampolis is to take Vitamin B Complex supplements to deal with your cravings, because it helps to increase the serotonin in your brain.

Grant Howard Press & Measure Oil Dispenser Review

Dr Oz did another fabulous segment on Kitchen Gadgets that he recommends.  One of the gadgets is the Grant Howard Press and Measure Oil Dispenser which lets you measure exactly how much oil or vinegar you are about to add to your food.  This is such a brilliant invention for cooking all sorts of dishes and even for making salad dressings.  Doctor Oz also showed the Zoku Quick Pop Maker that makes delicious and healthy popsicles in just 7 minutes.  You can even add whole pieces of fruit to your popsicles, perfect for this time of the year, and a great alternative to the cloyingly sweet popsicles that are often full of corn syrup.


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