Dr Oz: Best Way to End Snoring & What Causes Fatty Liver Disease?


Dr Oz Recap September 19 2013

Dr. Oz shared tips and tricks to prevent you and your spouse from getting a Sleep Divorce, including a tennis ball remedy for snoring that really works! Also, learn the health benefits of a vegan diet from Dr. Oz’s wife Lisa and find out how you can reverse fatty liver disease by drinking coffee. Finally, Dr. Oz chatted with comedian Louie Anderson about his recent motivation to lose weight and how he hopes his ‘Get Off the Couch’ Campaign will inspire others to do the same.

Dr Oz: Tennis Ball Snoring Remedy & What Causes Snoring?

Are you at the end of your rope and ready to move out of the bedroom because your partner’s snoring is keeping you awake at night? Before you consider a “Sleep Divorce” Dr. Oz has a few solutions to help everyone rest better at night, including a tennis ball trick to end snoring for good!

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