Dr Oz: Blood Clot Risk Factors & Brussels Sprouts “Chip” Recipe


Dr Oz Recap October 31 2013

Dr. Oz packed a lot into his show today, which started with figuring out your body type and learning how to improve your health to live a longer life. Next, take Dr. Oz’s Stress Type Quiz to see how you handle stress and find out how you can calm yourself with a simple breathing exercise. Dr. Oz then talked about blood clot risk factors and shared the signs to look for and the one food you can eat to prevent blood clots. Finally, get healthy versions for all your favorite comfort foods, including one for Mac & Cheese and another for Shepherd’s Pie!

Dr Oz: Do Squats to Lower Osteoarthritis Risk & Wasabi Fights Cancer

Dr Oz: Blood Clot Risk Factors & Brussels Sprouts "Chip" Recipe

Dr Oz shared blood clot risk factors and the symptoms to look for if you are overweight or often sit with your legs crossed.

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