Dr Oz: Blood Glucose Diabetes Test & Daphne Oz PB&J Smoothie


Dr Oz Recap May 15 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by sitting down with Whoopi Goldberg to talk about her recent weight loss and what inspired her to finally quit smoking after 50 years! Next, Dr. Oz shares how to save your own life with the Self-Heimlich Maneuver if you are ever alone and start choking. Plus, learn the three things Dr. Oz says you can do to have a big impact on your health, including checking your blood pressure regularly. Finally, Dr. Oz gets a special visit from his daughter Daphne and his beautiful new granddaughter Philomena, who already has a smoothie recipe named after her!

Dr Oz: Whoopi Goldberg Pound a Day Diet Success + Why She Quit Smoking

Whoopi Goldberg tells Dr. Oz about the two special kids who inspired her to finally kick the habit of smoking after 50 years! She also shares her secret to weight loss success and and gets an unexpected surprise from Dr. Oz!

Dr Oz: Whoopi Goldberg Pound a Day Diet Success + Why She Quit Smoking



  1. viola says

    would like to ask my doctor for a heart scan but do not know the proper name of the scan.

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