Dr Oz: Bobby Deen Chicken Pot Pie & What is Spontaneous Healing?

By on July 17, 2013

Dr Oz Recap July 17 2013

On today’s episode Dr. Oz revealed the best Weight Loss Tricks for your Body Type, like using a skinny glass for your wine and nibbling on your favorite cheese. Bobby Deen, son of Paula, showed Dr. Oz his 5 Meal Makeover Essentials that should be in everyone’s pantry to create healthy alternatives to their favorite meals. He also demonstrated a healthy version of his Mom’s Chicken Pot Pie recipe. Learn the ingredients so you can make it for your family soon.

Dr Oz: Vinegar Blood Sugar & Skinny Wine Glass

Dr Oz: Bobby Deen Chicken Pot Pie & What is Spontaneous Healing?

A woman told Dr Oz she lost a lot of weight by ordering from the children’s menu when she dines out. Find out how much she lost and see if her method could work for you!

Dr. Oz revealed a few unlikely tips to help you shed pounds without going on a diet. Would you believe that chopping your food before you take a bite each time you sit down to eat you will lead you to consume about 25% less? Were you also aware that pickled vegetables help keep your blood sugar at a healthy level? Learn what other advice Dr. Oz offered to help you lose weight without too much effort!

Dr Oz: Skinny Wine Glass, Vinegar Blood Sugar & Metamucil Review

Dr Oz: Rooibos Tea & Fast Food Kids Menu Calories

Dr. Oz talked to an audience member about her unusual way of losing weight that includes making choices from the kids’ menu when dining out. Would you ever consider her method to lose weight? You just might after you learn how many pounds she has dropped in less than 6 months!

Dr Oz: Fast Food Kids Menu Calories & Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss

Dr Oz: From Mama’s Table to Mine Review With Bobby Deen

Dr. Oz chatted with Bobby Deen about his mother’s Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis and how it inspired him to come up with better alternatives to their favorite unhealthy dishes. He shared 5 Kitchen Essentials needed to prepare healthier versions of the meals you love.

Dr Oz: Bobby Deen From Mama’s Table to Mine Review Kitchen Essentials

Bobby Deen Chicken Pot Pie With Dr Oz

Bobby Deen showed Dr. Oz a healthy version of his mom’s most beloved dish. His healthy Chicken Pot Pie is not only made with better ingredients, but it also has less than half the fat and calories of Paula Deen’s recipe. Do you need a recipe for dinner tonight? Keep reading to check out this one your family will love.

Dr Oz: Bobby Deen Chicken Pot Pie Recipe & Paula Deen’s Favorite Dish

Dr Oz: Is Our Body’s Ability To Heal A Miracle?

Have you ever sliced your finger and were amazed at how quickly it healed up all on its own? That is because the body is instinctively able to heal itself and Dr. Oz says it occurs more often than you may realize, but would you believe a person’s could heal itself after a cancer diagnosis? Learn one woman’s incredible story about the power of Spontaneous Healing.

Dr Oz: Spontaneous Healing – Is Our Body’s Ability To Heal A Miracle?

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