Dr Oz: Body Dilemma Diets & Body Type Diets: April 22 2011


Dr Oz: Big Belly, Big Behind & Big All Over Diets

Dr Oz’s show called Body Dilemma Diets  re-aired on April 22, 2011 (and was originally shown on January 10, 2011).  Doctor Oz covered the reason that many of us have tried to lose weight and failed.  Perhaps every time we fail it is because we are on the wrong diet for our body type!  Dr Oz gave diets for three body types: big bellies, big behinds and big all over.  Here are links to how to do each of these diets:


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    I think Dr. Oz is terrific and will continue to save and watch his shows. He goes up against the money makers and gives good free advise to all

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