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By on June 20, 2012

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Dr Oz did a show on Ayurvedic Medicine for Kapha, Pitta & Vata Body Types to help us lose weight via Ayurveda.  Do you know if you are a Pitta, Vata or Kapha body type?  If not, don’t worry, Dr Oz’s Body Type Quiz will help you figure out your body type so that you can begin the Dr Oz Body Type Diet.  Plus, Doctor Oz spoke about how to lower your cholesterol with garlic edamame and of course the Metamucil Diet.  And if you are into Chinese medicine, Dr Oz also covered Chinese Acupuncture techniques for neck and back pain, and special Chinese Herbs that fight exhaustion like Xiao Yao Wan Tea, Si Jun Zi Tang and Gui Pi Tang.

Dr Oz Body Type Diet & Dr Oz Ayurvedic Medicine

Dr Oz's Body Type Diet from his June 20, 2012 show on Ayurvedic Medicine is a great way to work with your body to lose weight.

Dr Oz Body Type Diet

Have you ever tried a diet that worked amazingly well for a friend but it did absolutely nothing for you?  It could be that you and your friend are different body types and therefore the diet that worked for your friend could be a disaster for you.  The Dr Oz Body Type Quiz helps you determine if you are a Kapha, Pitta or Vata body type and then tells you the best foods to eat and avoid for your body type diet!

Vata Body Type

The Vata Body Type is a thin individual with a small frame.  You tend to get cold easily and are generally enthusiastic about trying new things.  If you have a Vata Body Type, you should pass on the raw vegetables, cold foods like ice cream, dry cereals and carbonated drinks.  Instead, eat foods that are oily or cooked in ghee, which is a clarified butter.  You should also try to eat foods that are cooked and warm.

Kapha Body Type

The Kapha Body Type tends to be heavy and wide through the hip region.  The good news is that you have good stamina and are a stable body type.  You should avoid salt, sugar and cheese if you have a Kapha Body Type.  Instead, try to eat foods that are rich in spices like turmeric and high in fiber such as bran or lentils.

Pitta Body Type

Dr Oz said that his body type is the Pitta Body Type.  You tend to be thin and muscular (sounds good!), and you tend to be very bright intellectually… ok sounds good, how do we sign-up for this body type!!!  If you ave a Pitta Body Type, you should pass on the spicy foods, acidic foods, coffee and alcohol.  Instead, eat sweet fruits, coconuts, white rice and foods that tend to keep you cool like jicama and cucumber.

Don’t forget to take the complete Body Type Quiz and read up on the full details of the Body Type Diet!

Dr Oz Metamucil Diet & Garlic Edamame

Dr Oz’s free Metamucil giveaway is always a hit!  But even if you don’t win a free canister of Metamucil, you can still try the Dr Oz Metamucil Diet!  Doctor Oz suggested taking 3 doses of Metamucil every day with 8 ounces of water.  Have you tried the Dr Oz Metamucil Diet?  Did it work?  What was your experience?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below!  Also, Dr Oz spoke about Garlic Edamame (which is a mixture of edamame cooked in garlic powder) because it can help to lower your cholesterol levels naturally.

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