Dr Oz: Breaking News! Pepsi To Remove BVO From Gatorade & BPA Warning


Dr Oz January 30 2013

Dr. Oz shared some shocking health risks involving the foods you are feeding your family. There are unsafe chemicals in sports drinks and soda that you have probably never even heard of and what is worse is that this chemical has been banned in 100 countries! Why is it still sneaking into the beverages that you are buying for your family? He also shared a cancer-causing substance that is found in french fries and potato chips as well as a warning about your exposure to BPA from eating canned foods. He also had a conversation about a controversial method of alternative healing that many medical doctors believe is a hoax.

Dr Oz: Gatorade & Mountain Dew Contain Flame Retardant & BVO Warning

Dr. Oz exposed a banned chemical that is making its way into some of the most popular beverages you and your family are drinking! The FDA said this flame retardant is safe for consumption and they are not doing anything to protect you from the risks it poses to your health and the health of your family. Find out what you can do to avoid this chemical!

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