Dr Oz: Brushing Teeth After Red Wine + Margarine Vs Butter Health


Dr Oz August 30 2013

Could your health habits be hurting you? Dr Oz revealed the truth about your health mistakes on his August 30 episode. Here’s a look at everything you need to know about Margarine Vs Butter, plus the new Jumpstart To Skinny plan from Bob Harper.

Dr Oz: Brushing Teeth After Red Wine + Acetaminophen Overdose

Dr Oz: Brushing Teeth After Red Wine + Margarine Vs Butter Health

It’s the battle of margarine vs butter on Dr Oz’s August 30 episode. Plus, should you brush your teeth after drinking red wine?



  1. Lois Morehouse says

    Having had breast cancer, colon cancer, siblings with cancer (twin sister and mother both had breast cancer), no children and 72 yrs old and listening to you speak about the risks of ovarian and uterine cancer, I decided to take action. So, I started with my oncologist who referred me to a gynecologist who conferred with cancer gynecologists, the verdict was that possibly my body made cancer cells easy and I should have hysterectomy. So, May 28, 2013 mission accomplished and I know it was because on your program you gave the information I needed to hear! You are the BEST Dr Oz. Thank you for your dedication to help others stay healthy!

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