Dr Oz: Cancer Lies: June 16 2011


Dr Oz Cancer Lies

Dr Oz’s Show on June 16, 2011 is called The Biggest Lies You’ve Ever Been Told About Cancer.  Doctor Oz, along with three Cancer Experts: Dr Dara Richardson-Heron, Dr William Li and Dr Ilana Cass discussed some of the biggest cancer lies that people believe.  For example, did you know that everyone has Cancer growing inside of them all the time?  It just takes one small mutation to generate a tiny Cancer cell.  Luckily, most of the time our immune system gets rid of these very early Cancer Cells.  Another Cancer Lie is that you only need to examine your breasts to protect yourself against Breast Cancer.  Dr Richardson-Heron said you have to check from your clavicle bone down to your arm pit, and even up the sides of your neck!

Dr Oz: Grilled Meat Causes Cancer

Doctor Oz also did a segment on 3 Secret Weapons to Prevent Cancer, which included Gouda Cheese, exercising and avoiding grilled meat.  Along with Dr Oz Grills Cause Cancersummer comes the tradition of barbeques, but did you know that grilling your food can actually add Cancer-Causing Chemicals to your food?  That charred, delicious flavor from the grill can actually cause Cancer.  So if you must grill your food, at least cover the grate with foil and poke holes in it to let the heat through, instead of grilling directly on the grates.

Dr Oz: Horse Chestnut Seed & Varicose Veins

Dr Oz also spoke about the causes and risk factors of Varicose Veins.  Plus, he gave some great Varicose Vein Treatments such as Compression Stockings, Horse Chestnut Seed (300 mg, twice a day), Hesperidin and Diosmin, and even a Varicose Vein Surgery.  Click here to read the full recap that discusses all of these options: Dr Oz Varicose Veins.


  1. Joe says

    To be fair, call it cancer myth or misunderstanding may be more proper than cancer lies as whoever tells a lie is that he knows it is wrong but tells it anyway. I don’t think that is the case iwth cancer. Those who say cancers are not contagious probably genuinely believe so.

    Also, there is a difference between tumor and cancer. Not every tumor is cancerous — it only becomes cancerous when it acquires the ability to be metastasized or spread around. So, a single cell that acquires mutations may be at best tumorous not cancerous. So, we can for sure say everybody has tumor cells in them but not necessarily cancer cells. Just based on my knowledge.

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