Dr Oz: Cancer Prevention & Cancer Fighting Foods: Coffee & Beer


Dr Oz: Cancer Fighting Foods

Dr Oz’s Show on August 17, 2011 is about how to Cancer-Proof Your Life.    This is a must-watch episode, especially for women over 40 years old.  Doctor Oz gave a list of the five biggest Cancer risks for women over 40.  The first hidden risk is that Diabetes increases your chances of having Pancreatic Cancer, Bladder Cancer and Liver Cancer – yet another reason we should all be very careful about the amount of sugar that we consume.  The second risk comes from having a Calcium Deficiency, which can increase your risk of getting Colon Cancer.  The third risk pertains to people who have Advanced Gum Disease, which puts you in danger of developing Head and Neck Cancers.  Number four comes from a study that showed that eating 1-3 pieces of processed meat every day can increase your risk of getting Stomach Cancer, Colon Cancer, Esophagus Cancer, Pancreas Cancer and Ovarian Cancer – so think about that the next time you are at the deli!  And the final hidden risk that Dr Oz mentioned is the increased risk of getting Breast Cancer if you have dense breasts.  To read more about all of these hidden Cancer Risks, click here: Cancer-Proof Your Life

Dr Oz: Coffee Prevents Cancer

Doctor Oz also did a couple of segments on Anti-Cancer Superfoods, like papaya, shrimp, Dr Oz Coffee Cancerbeets and cashews.  He also spoke about How Many Cups of Coffee Prevent Cancer, which was of great comfort to those of us who drink tons of coffee!  While coffee is a major no-no for pregnant women, apparently it can be a major plus in terms of keeping Cancer away.  If you are a man, drinking six cups of coffee every day can reduce your risk of Prostate Cancer by 60% – pretty impressive!  And by drinking 5 cups of coffee daily, you reduce your risk of getting Brain Cancer by 40%.  But do not worry, even if you cannot drink that much coffee, even just 2 cups of coffee can reduce your chances of getting Colon Cancer and Uterine Cancer.


  1. Sara Sisson says

    To prevent cancer, does it have to be caffinated coffee? Does decaf coffee also prevent cancer?

    Appreciate your response!


  2. Helen says

    hello there
    a friend of mine jused to work nights and drank 5 or 6 cups a night she had breast cancer her doctor told her that the coffee she was drinking was causing (keloids?) lumps in her breasts that developed into cancer cells could this be true?

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