Dr Oz: Cankle Warning Signs & Eat Dessert for Breakfast to Lose Weight


Dr Oz Recap May 12 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by sharing weight loss tips based on your body type. Learn how taking a CLA supplement helps to prevent fat storage and find out why eating dairy could help you lose weight. Next, Dr. Oz shares all-you-can-eat cheat foods that are actually good for you, including coleslaw and salsa. Plus, find out what causes cankles and see Dr. Oz’s solutions to make your legs look slimmer. Finally, learn what causes adult acne and check out Dr. Oz’s recommendation to soothe a gurgling stomach.

Dr Oz: CLA Supplement Review & East Dessert for Breakfast To Lose Weight

Dr Oz Cankle Warning Signs

Dr Oz shared cankle warning signs of a serious health problem, including kidney or heart disease.


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