Dr Oz: Carbs The New Cocaine: Help For Carb Addicts!


Dr Oz Carb Addicts

DR OZ FANS UPDATE: The recaps of this Dr Oz Show are now posted online. Here are the relevant links:

Dr Oz’s show on Wednesday May 18 2011 is called Carbs: The New Cocaine?  Could it be that Carbohydrates are the new Cocaine that we are addicted to?  Carbs are legal and Cocaine is illegal, but could they generate the same “high”?  Doctor Oz will give a list of three signs to figure out if you are a Carb Addict.  Plus, there will be a Dr Oz 28 Day Carb Addict Plan to help us kick Carbs for good.

Dr Oz 28 Day Carb Plan

Doctor Oz has done quite a few 28 Day Plans, including the Dr Oz Holistic Health Overhaul 28 Day Plan, Dr. Oz: 28 Day Packaged Food Detox Plan, and Dr Oz 28 Days To Prevent A Heart Attack.  But his 28 Day Carb Plan may be the most excited one yet for me!  I am a total Carb Addict and absolutely love Dr Oz Carbs The New Cocainebread, pasta, and all of the yummy carbs that I should work on minimizing in my diet.  I have found some great substitutes that help ease my cravings for carbs – things such as quinoa or other whole grains which are at least “good carbs.”  But I hope that Dr Oz has some cutting edge new ways to never crave carbohydrates again!

Dr Oz: Ancient Chinese Cures

Dr Oz will also do a segment with Dr Mao Shing Ni, who will discuss Ancient Chinese Cures.  I absolutely love Doctor Oz’s segments on Natural Remedies, and I really hope that the Ancient Chinese Cures will be things that are easily accessible to all of us.  Perhaps he will talk about Acupuncture or maybe he will talk about foods or recipes that are used in China to cure health problems… or maybe it will be something altogether different!

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