Dr Oz: Chamomile Tea Eases Anxiety & Does Aspirin Prevent Cancer?


Dr Oz Recap April 8 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by sharing groundbreaking medical news that every woman needs to hear! Find out how taking an Aspirin a day could not only lower your risk for Ovarian Cancer, but also prevent other cancers from spreading and get Dr. Oz’s dosing recommendation. Next, Dr. Oz talks to Dr. Tieraona Low Dog about natural remedies for your most common complaints, including Chamomile Tea for anxiety and SAMe for pain and depression. Finally, Dr. Oz shares his spring allergy survival guide because this could be the worst year yet!

Dr Oz: Does Aspirin Prevent Cancer? Dosing Guidelines

Dr Oz: Chamomile Tea Eases Anxiety & Does Aspirin Prevent Cancer?

Dr Oz shared how drinking two or three cups of Chamomile Tea a day can reduce nervousness and ease anxiety.


  1. Doris Nygaard says

    I am looking for the information you had on yesterday (04/08/14) related to natural alternative to Ambien that was discussed. Cannot find it on the site.. Thanks. Doris

  2. says

    I am having problems finding information on the natural alternative to sleeping pills. Please give us more facts on this very important feature for many people that was on the show on
    April 8, 2014. I think it was Cathy Herard that was your guest. Connie

  3. Catalina Tan says

    I’m looking for the same info but can’t find it so far. My husband has trouble sleeping so I want him to try that. Help please. Thanks.

  4. Sharon Hartman says

    I too am interested in the natural product that helps with sleep. I caught part of the tv program the name begins with the letter V and recommended it comes with hops also. What is the name of this supplement and the name of the lady that introduced it? Thanks

  5. jason H. says

    can someone help with the recommended Chamomile tea. my anxiety can be bad at times and saw this on the show at work and wanted to know if i can get a recommendation.

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