Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Drug Addiction & Hungry Girl Dining Out Advice


Dr Oz March 21 2013

For the first time ever Dr. Oz sat down with Charlie Sheen to discuss the challenges he has faced in his life and career. Find out what Dr. Oz did to try and convince Charlie to quit smoking once and for all! Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien also stopped by to offer healthy eating advice when dining out at a restaurant.

Dr Oz: Charlie Sheen Public Meltdown, “Roid Rage” & How He Stays Clean

Dr. Oz talked candidly with Charlie Sheen about his recent public breakdown and how it has affected his career as well as his relationship with his family. Charlie told Dr. Oz how he makes his sobriety a daily priority.



  1. says

    Dear Doctor OZ,
    I am a huge fan. I feel so sorry that you had to sit through the interview with Charlie Sheen. I have never written a TV Show or a Famous person in my life but I have to tell you that you are a brave man. You did a great job!
    If I may indulge, I truly believe that- that man was on something. I know that to be true because it takes one to know one. I think everyone in AA in America would tell you the same. However, I can not speak for them.
    Great Job Dr. OZ!!!!

  2. shar day says

    jack i have 2 disagree with you charlie was not on something that is the problem he NEEDS 2 be on something….geez CS needs a new doctor if his doctor doesnt insist he get on meds 2 deal with his bi-polar, manic, etc etc…he could have all of em….charlie is really smart 2 bad he is not smart enough 2 see he needs HELP…i hope dr oz has advised him…

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