Dr Oz: Chia Muffins, Chia Seed Recipe & Super Power Hour

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Dr Oz: Chia Muffins, Chia Seed Recipe & Super Power Hour

By on December 27, 2011

Dr Oz Arnica

Dr Oz’s show on December 27, 2011 is called Dr Oz’s Super Power Hour.  Doctor Oz covered all sorts of popular topics, such as how to elevate your senses and even a Senses Test to be sure your senses are working properly.   Dr Oz also spoke about the power of using nutmeg and cinnamon to help rejuvenate dull skin. And if you are suffering from Arthritis in you knee, a homeopathic remedy called Arnica Gel could be just what the doctor ordered!  To read more about all of these topics, click here: Dr Oz’s Super Power Hour.

Dr Oz: Chia Muffins Recipe

Dr Oz also shared a Chia Muffin Recipe with us that can help fight off those awful food cravings that all of us get. Dr Oz December 27 2011 What are so special about Chia Seeds?  Well, after you eat them, they can expand up to 9 times in your stomach.  Therefore you feel full and will minimize your cravings or your chances of overeating.    Doctor Oz’s Chia Seed Muffins also contain whole wheat flour, sweet potatoes, egg whites, agave syrup, vanilla, apple sauce, lemon zest, and dried cranberries.  So even though these muffins sound delicious, they are also great for your health (and your diet!).

Dr Oz Anemia Test

Dr Oz spoke about an Anemia Test and a remedy to help.  I would suspect that most of us have had Anemia at one point in time or have known someone who has had it.  I tend to become Anemic during “my time of the month” or when I am pregnant.  So it is very useful to know a quick test to check on your own if you have Anemia or not.  Doctor Oz said that by looking beneath your eyelids, you can get a good sense for if you are Anemic or not.  The area should be a pink with a bright red line at the very bottom, but if this area looks pale, it could be a sign of Anemia.

Dr Oz December 27 2011

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  1. Watch out for chia seeds. I was eating them daily. Always caught in teeth , so I brushing and flossing alot. Pushed chia seed up gum and wound up with absess. At the dentist 3 times. Have to have tooth pulled cause of infection.

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