Dr Oz: CLA Fat Melter & Capsicum Extract Burns 40% More Calories

By on July 25, 2013

Dr Oz July 25 2013

The July 25 Dr Oz episode explained some of the newest innovations and developments in our ongoing battle of the bulge. Could these weight management tricks help you get results? Keep reading to learn how to monitor your health and watch out for surprising insights into your medical risks. Here is what was covered on the show.

Dr Oz: CLA Supplement Review & MCT Fat Melters

Dr Oz: CLA Fat Melter & Capsicum Extract Burns 40% More Calories

Dr Oz said that Capsicum Extract can help you burn 40% more calories in your workout and explained that CLA is one of many fat melting supplements.

Did you know that coconut oil or red wine could be two of your best friends when it comes to blocking fat from building up in the body? Dr Oz showcased the newest fat melters you can try for yourself, such as the CLA supplement. Click below to find out how MCTs can help you melt fat as well:

Dr Oz: Coconut Oil Melts Body Fat & Will Red Wine Stop Fat Build Up?

Dr Oz: Oranges Reduce Stress & Calcium Fat Grabber

Food as medicine is a popular theme for Dr Oz, and this time he explained how foods you might already be eating could help you keep the weight off. Use this link to see how regular calcium intake, oranges, and avocados can help keep your body in top form.

Dr Oz: Oranges and Avocados Lower Stress & Burn Fat With Matcha Tea

Dr Oz: Capsicum Extract Burns 40% More Calories Working Out

What if you could take a supplement to super charge your workout routine? Dr Oz explained the power of the supplement Capsicum, which claims it can accomplish just that. See how it works for yourself right here:

Dr Oz: How To Burn More Fat During Exercise & Capsicum Extract Review

Dr Oz: Resting Heart Rate Test & Enlarged Heart Risk

Keeping your body in top form is key to maintaining good health as you age. Dr Oz explained some things you should watch out for, including how to monitor your resting heart rate and why you should be worried if you have an enlarged heart. Click to read more:

Dr Oz: Tests For Heart Attack Risk, Waist To Hip Ratio & CRP Bood Test

Dr Oz: Migraine & Psoriasis Heart Attack Risks

You might not associate those painful migraine headaches with your risk for a heart attack, but there could be a connection. Click this link to read more about what other conditions might increase your risk of a heart attack and what to do about it.

Dr Oz: Headaches, Insomnia & Psoriasis Surprising Heart Attack Risks

Dr Oz In Case You Missed It: July 25 2013

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