Dr Oz: Clean Eating Chicken Nugget Recipe & Electrolyte Water Drink


Dr Oz Recap April 15 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by sharing his favorite way to overcome exhaustion and get a quick boost of energy. Find out why he says taking naps is a good thing and learn how to squeeze in a cat nap the next time you need to feel energized. Next, Dr. Oz issues a serious warning about diet soda and the heart attack risk it poses to women. Learn how to break your soda-drinking habit today with Dr. Oz’s easy tips and 4-step plan. Finally, learn how to eat clean and get a healthy chicken nugget recipe that your family will love!

Dr Oz: How to Take a Catnap Anywhere & Dr Oz’s Secret Energy Booster

Dr. Oz confesses to taking naps a few times a week as a way to overcome his exhaustion and boost his energy. Learn how to take a 10-minute cat nap and find out the best position to snooze in and what to drink before you close your eyes. Keep reading to find out why you should never feel guilty about napping!

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