Dr Oz: Coconut Flour Bread, Low-Carb French Toast + Garlic Green Tea


Dr Oz Recap May 7 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by sharing ways to flush fat fast, including eating more Vitamin C-rich foods and drinking a cup of Garlic Green Tea every day. Next, learn about low-carb bread options that will help you lose weight and get a tasty recipe for Coconut Flour Bread French Toast! Also, Dr. Oz talks to Mark Bittman about his diet plan that allows you to eat whatever you want after 6 p.m. and still lose weight. Check out his recipe for “Chorizo” Tacos right now! Finally, Lauren Zander shares life coach advice with a 3-step plan to help you reach your health goals this month.

Dr Oz: Litramine Weight Loss Review & Garlic Green Tea

Dr Oz Low-Carb Bread Options

Dr Oz shares low-carb bread options, including Coconut Flour Bread for making guilt-free French Toast.



  1. says

    Before you decide to purchase the Paleo coconut low carb bread, I suggest you look it up online. The reviews by people who had purchased it had no good reviews.
    digusting, cardboard would be better, etc. I only found 1 good review.
    Also, very expensive.
    It’s a no for me. It’s made by Julian’s Bakery which usually has good stuff—not this.

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