Dr Oz: Coconut Oil Moisturizer & Is Drinking Too Much Water Dangerous?


Dr Oz Recap February 6 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by opening up the shame files and revealing some of your most humiliating moments. One woman admitted to swallowing a “vurp”, which is a burp that brings up a small amount of vomit, and another received advice from a gynecologist about how to use a betadine douche to remove sand from your vagina. Next, Dr. Oz went undercover to find the mistakes you make when eating out for lunch and offered tips to make healthier, low-fat choices. Also, Dr. Oz explained how to know the difference between normal breast pain and heart attack warning signs. Finally, learn the signs of lip balm addiction and find out how coconut oil is a better option to moisturize your lips.

Dr Oz: How to Remove Sand From Your Vagina & What is a “Vurp”?

Dr. Oz talked to three brave women who shared their most embarrassing moments, including one who actually peed her pants while pulled over by a police officer and another who says she got sand inside her vagina while making love on the beach. Find out what advice Dr. Oz has for both of them!


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