Dr Oz: Coconut Water vs Coconut Milk & Eat More Protein to Burn Fat


Dr Oz Recap February 10 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by sharing his plan to triple your fat loss starting right now! Find out what foods to eat and which supplement to take so you can turbo charge your body’s ability to burn fat like never before. Dr. Oz revealed a few secret tips to help you melt away body fat even faster and they are easier than you might think! Simply sprinkle a little Aleppo Spice over your popcorn or turn down the thermostat to 63 degrees when you go to bed at night to burn extra fat with little effort. Dr. Oz sat down with Chef Mario Batali to discuss the safety of our fish and which ones to choose in order to keep our family safe from mercury and other toxins. Finally, learn the health benefits of coconut water and find out why Dr. Oz says everyone should take a multivitamin.

Dr Oz: Eat More Protein To Burn Fat & Meratrim Supplement Review

Dr. Oz revealed his triple your fat loss diet plan that will send your body’s fat-burning mechanism into overdrive! Learn about the supplement that boosts weight loss and find out how eating more protein can increase your body’s ability to burn calories.


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