Dr Oz: Combo Diet Pills: Weight Loss Hype Or Help?

Dr Oz’s Show on Thursday March 17, 2011 is about Combo Diet Pills.  Is combining Diet Pills dangerous?  Doctor Oz will take a look at this new revolutionary weight loss craze.  Is it hype?  Or are Combo Diet Pills the holy grail to weight loss?  Visit wellbuzz.com March 17, 2011 for a full recap of this episode, but for now, here is some information Dr Oz has shared about Diet Pills in the past.  UPDATE: here are links to the recaps:

Dr Oz: Combo Diet Pills Are Dangerous?

Doctor Oz has been speaking about a variety of ways to lose weight this year, and he has even been speaking about different Dr Oz Combo Diet Pillstypes of Diet Pills.  He did an entire show on the topic of Diet Drugs: Good Or Dangerous? (Click here to read that recap: Dr Oz Diet Pills).  He concluded that Ephedra, Hoodia and Bitter Orange are all dangerous Diet Pills.  In fact, I do not know that I have ever heard Dr Oz say that there is a safe Diet Pill that he stands behind 100%.  Although, in his recent show on the HCG Diet, he did not seem entirely negative on the idea of using HCG Shots to lose weight.  (Click here to read that recap: Dr Oz HCG Diet.)  So it will be interesting to say the least to see if Dr Oz finds Combo Diet Pills to be a safe way to lose weight or not.  If I had to venture a guess though, I would say that the end conclusion will be that we should still stick to the old fashion way of losing weight: a healthy diet and exercise.  Click on these two links to read recaps of the two segments that Dr Oz did on Combo Diet Pills: Dr Oz: Dr Robert Skversky Combo Diet Pills and Dr Oz: Combo Pilling For Weight Loss.

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