Dr Oz: Compression Underwear & Heart Attack Prevention Plan


Dr Oz: Heart Attack Prevention Plan

Dr Oz’s Show on September 7, 2011 gave a 4-week Heart Attack Prevention Plan.  Doctor Oz said that 1,300 people die every single day in America from Heart Attacks, so he put together a fabulous 28 day plan to help all of us prevent having Heart Attacks.  Some of the key points for Heart Attack Prevention include keeping your arteries clean, strengthening your heart, lowering your blood pressure and reducing your stress.  Therefore, Dr Oz made week 1 all about Artery Maintenance (such as adding flaxseed oil to your diet), week 2 focuses on challenging your heart (by using a pedometer to track how many steps you are taking every single day), week 3 is devoted to lowering your blood pressure (through altering your diet to include fresh fruits and vegetables while minimizing salt) and week 4 focuses on reducing your stress level (which is super fun because you get to call friends and be social!).

Dr Oz: Compression Underwear

Dr Oz also played a game on his show called What Dr Oz Can’t Live Without.  Among his Dr Oz Compression Underwearfavorite items were walnuts, a yoga mat, steel cut oatmeal and Compression Underwear.  The product that everyone seems most intrigued by is Doctor Oz’s Compression Underwear! Dr Oz said that he loves his Compression Underwear because it is made out of a cotton / spandex material that holds “everything” in place while keeping your muscles warm and wicking sweat away from your body.

Dr Oz: Health Secrets From Around The World

Doctor Oz did another segment on Health Secrets from all over the world, including places like the Mediterranean, Turkey, Italy and Greece.  In Italy, their special health secret can be found in their tomato sauce which may help to prevent Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease and Strokes.  The health secret of Greece is that they always sit down and eat together (something that many of us often forget to do!).  And in Turkey, their health secret is one that Dr Oz is always promoting – nuts!

Dr Oz September 7 2011:

Here are the links to recaps of everything that Dr Oz spoke about on the September 7 2011 episode of the Doctor Oz Show:


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