Dr Oz: Contagion The Movie: Are We At Risk For Global Pandemic?


Dr Oz: Pandemic Preparation

Dr Oz’s Show on September 16, 2011 is called “The Movie Contagion: Are We At Risk For A Global Pandemic?”  Doctor Oz will discuss one of his biggest fears in life – the movie Contagion coming true.  Could it really happen to us?  Dr Oz in his preview clip seems to imply that it is not about if it could happen to us, but it is more about when it will occur.  What are the three biggest Contagion threats that we face?  Apparently, several kids have already been infected by some of these contagions.  The director of the CDC (Center for Disease Control) will give us some valuable information for what to do if and when we face a global pandemic.  Dr Oz will also be joined by Dr Tom Frieden and Steven Soderbergh.  People are saying that if you only can watch one episode of Dr Oz this season, this is the one that you absolutely cannot afford to miss!  So do not forget to come back to wellbuzz.com on September 15, 2011 for a full recap of everything that Dr Oz discusses on this show!

Dr Oz: Contagions

Dr Oz has discussed a topic similar to Contagions in a show last year about Bioterrorism: Anthrax, Botulism & Bubonic Plague.  Doctor Oz gave advice for what to do if we are ever attacked with Bioterrorism, and I would think that similar advice will apply to a Global Pandemic.  Here was some of Dr Oz’s advice from that show… lets compare it to what he says in his show on Contagions:

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