Dr Oz: Controversial Healer, Cocoa Breakfast Sundae & Cocoa Hand Lotion


Dr Oz: Dr Mosaraf Ali

Dr Oz’s Show on November 24, 2011 was featured The Controversial Healer, also known as Dr Mosaraf Ali.  Doctor Oz had Dr Ali demonstrate several ways that he heals people.  He diagnosed two people from Dr Oz’s audience – one who has Acid Reflux and one who has Migraine Headaches.  Click on the following link to read more about Dr Mosaraf Ali’s work: The Controversial Healer, and then leave a comment below to share with everyone whether or not you think Dr Ali is truly a “healer.”

Dr Oz: Chocolate Breakfast Sundae Recipe

Doctor Oz also did a segment on how to make a Cocoa Breakfast Sundae and Cocoa Hand Lotion.  Dr Oz Dr Mosaraf Ali This was my favorite segment of the day!  I love the idea of combining oatmeal, bananas and cocoa powder to make a delicious “chocolate” parfait that you can eat for breakfast.  What is better than dessert for breakfast?!?   And if that is not enough to get you excited, then Dr Oz also gave a great recipe for a hand moisturizing treatment that is made of yogurt, honey and cocoa powder… sounds good enough to eat!

Dr Oz: Colleen Williams 700 Pound Woman

Dr Oz also brought back Colleen Williams, the 700 pound woman who he is helping to lose weight.  I have to say that I am impressed that she was able to lose 120 pounds so far.  Based on how she seemed on the previous two shows, I was really not sure that Doctor Oz could help her.  Way to go Colleen and keep up the good work!

Dr Oz Show: November 24 2011

Here are a few more recaps of the Dr Oz Show from November 24 2011:

Dr Oz: Dr Mosaraf Ali: The Controversial Healer


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