Dr Oz: CoQ10 Can Increase Energy & Hungry Girl Butternut Squash Fries


Dr Oz Recap February 4 2013

Dr. Oz and Dr. Jennifer Landa shared Dr. Landa’s fatigue solutions to help you get your energy back by fixing the imbalances in your body. She explained how a gluten sensitivity can cause fatigue and how a magnesium supplement can give you back your energy! Find out what other tips she has to offer to help you end your fatigue for good! Hungry Girl Lisa Lillen also stopped by to share recipes for emotional eaters! Find out what guilt-free treats she and Dr. Oz cooked up on his stage!

Dr Oz: Gluten Sensitivity Causes Fatigue & Pranayama Yoga Ends Stress

Dr. Oz and Dr. Jennifer Landa discussed the causes of fatigue and they might surprise you! Would you believe that a gluten sensitivity could be making you tired or that a lack of iodine in your diet can cause problems with your thyroid function? Also, find out Dr. Landa’s five minute stress-busting yoga exercise!

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