Dr Oz: Crash Dieting Leads to Hair Loss + Sesame Seeds Health Benefits


Dr Oz Recap December 10 2013

Dr. Oz packed a lot into today’s show, so grab a pen and get ready to take some notes! First, he issued a warning about U.S. chicken processed in China and the potential food crisis it could cause in our country. Find out how you can protect your family and learn how to make sure you chicken is safe. Next, find out why Dr. Oz recommends a Vitamin D supplement and learn the signs of Tonsillitis that could be slowing you down and making you sick. Finally, learn how crash dieting leads to thinning hair and find out which seeds are Dr. Oz’s favorites to snack on for a powerful nutritional punch!

Dr Oz: Chicken Processed in China & Food Safety Guidelines in China

Dr Oz: Crash Dieting Leads to Hair Loss + Sesame Seeds Health Benefits

Dr Oz says crash dieting deprives the body of important protein, which leads to hair loss.


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    Almost 50 yrs ago, I came to this country. When I was young, my mother used to send me to get cooking oil. I go to a local miller. He will throw sesame seeds in the wooden grinder which was driven by an ox whose eyes were covered. Thus we got pure, cold pressed and fresh sesame oil for cooking. We never used any other oil until the modern technology took away all our natural foods. Every morning, my grandmother went to the market, got organic fresh vegetables that we used to eat with spices. Spices make vegetables more palatable. No food was cooked without onions, garlic, turmeric and other spices.

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