Dr Oz: Cryogenic Therapy, Colonics & Sugar Dangers


Dr Oz: Sugar Dangers

Dr Oz’s Show on August 16 2011 is called The #1 Food Dr Oz Wants Out Of Your House: Sugar.  All of us have heard about the dangers of sugar, but Doctor Oz devoted this show to teaching us what the real life risks are of eating too much sugar in your diet.  Among some of the dangers of eating white sugar are an increased risk of High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Liver Disease and Insulin Resistance.  If this does not scare you enough, then there are also the risks such as weight gain, particularly in the belly region, which none of us like to have.  I have found that when you start to remove sugar from your diet, the first week is the hardest.  But after that, you begin to crave sugar less and less.  And eventually, your tastebuds get “re-trained” so that you do not even enjoy the taste of overly sweet foods.

Dr Oz: Cryogenic Chamber Therapy

Doctor Oz also did a segment on Extreme Alternative Therapies, such as Cryogenic Chamber Therapy and Colon Hydrotherapy.  Cryogenic Chamber Therapy is a way to treat Dr Oz Cryogenic Chamber Therapypain and inflammation by using something called a Cryo Sauna.  You go into the sauna wearing nothing but socks, and your body is exposed to cold gas for a couple of minutes.  Dr Oz’s assistant said that it feels similar to being naked in the snow.  Dr Oz seemed more hesitant about the notion of Colonics or Colon Hydrotherapy, because it can cause dehydration, nausea, cramps and vomiting.  Have you tried either of these Alternative Therapies?  I’d love to hear feedback from people who have tried Colonics or Cryogenic Chamber Therapy, so please share your experiences in the comment section below!



  1. betty says

    comment on cryosauna as shown on dr oz show – i tried it very impressed however didn’t realize many treatments would be needed for more long lasting effects and i only had 3 days to spare.i was helping speed recovery of a broken ankle and stess fracture to knee was told a couple of weeks of twice a day treatments would be much more effective

  2. bawany says

    Could any one tell me Infra -red sauna or Cryosauna is good for the Atharitis pain.Infra red is heat and Cryosauns is cold..

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