Dr Oz: Dangers Of Laxative Abuse & Best Home Remedy For Chapped Lips


Dr Oz March 1 2013

In an encore episode of the Dr. Oz Show, he talked about the very alarming trend of women turning to laxatives to lose weight. One woman’s laxative addiction led her to an anorexic weight of just 78 pounds. Find out what shocking information Dr. Oz shared about the damage that laxative abuse causes to a person’s organs. He also shared a few $5 remedies to help make your life easier. Included were some solutions for your most common health complaints, others were for your biggest beauty concerns and even a healthy recipe to feed your family!


  1. Sarah Bronte Eckstein says

    Sorry, I hit submit too soon. After 6 days on a saline drip, I look gaunt to myself. I am heartbroken to think of women so desperate as to voluntarily use 30-40 laxatives a day and the ravage to their bodies inside. I pray for all of us sisters to love ourselves and I bless Dr. Oz for his love of and compassion for women! Thanks for exposing this tragic behavior.
    Sarah Bronte Eckstein Gresham, Oregon

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