Dr Oz: Dangers Of Laxative Addiction & Home Remedy To Treat a Cough


Dr Oz January 29 2013

Dr. Oz discussed the very disturbing trend of women using laxatives to lose weight. He talked with a woman who’s laxative addiction led her to an anorexic weight of just 78 pounds. Find out what Doctor Oz had to share about the damage that laxative abuse causes to a person’s organs. Dr. Oz also shared some $5 remedies to help make your life easier. He included some to help with common health complaints, others for your biggest beauty concerns and a healthy recipe to feed your family!

Dr Oz: Laxative Abuse Causes Intestinal Damage and Unsafe Weight Loss

Dr. Oz was very concerned when he learned that so many women are putting their health at risk by using laxatives to lose weight. He talked with a woman who is addicted to laxative supplements and fears she might not be around for her young daughters as they grow up. See what Dr. Oz offered for advice to help this woman get healthy!

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