Dr Oz: DASH Diet Review & Stay Hydrated If You Have a Cold Or the Flu


Dr Oz Recap February 19 2013

Dr. Oz shared the secrets of the #1 diet in America for three years in a row! The DASH Diet not only helps you lower your blood pressure, but you will also lose weight and lower your risk for cancer and a stroke. He outlined the principles of the DASH Diet along with Martha Heller’s plan to help you get healthy and lose weight.



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    lionchef is so wrong! no MSG! try a brand of salt free seasoning we use it at the hotispal I work at. The patients really like it. It’s called NuSalt there is another called No Salt you can try also. I like Cavendars salt free seasoning, great stuff! I use kosher salt it has way less sodium than table salt which is to salty for my taste buds. Good luck in your search.Watch the lemon pepper variety’s. Most of them contain salt as a top 3 ingredient. lemon or lime juice are good sugestions for substitutions also.Last of all! Be sure to talk to your M.D. about salt substitutions, many have high amounts of potassium which may affect other meds. you are taking.

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