Dr Oz: Deeprak Chopra Aging Secrets & Weight Loss Meditation


Dr Oz: Deeprak Chopra July 13, 2011

Dr Oz’s Show on July 13, 2011 is called Deepak Chopra’s Secrets To Reverse Aging.  In addition to having some of the coolest eyeglasses, Deepak Chopra is an Alternative Health Guru who has tons of advice on everything from how to slow down the aging process to how to lose weight through meditation.  Chopra told Doctor Oz that there are 6 Tastes of Life: Sweet Foods, Sour Foods, Salty Foods, Pungent Foods, Bitter Foods and Astringent Foods.  Unfortunately, the American Diet is all too often dominated by just sweet foods, salty foods and sour foods, which can lower your metabolism.  Instead, you want to get a balanced diet that contains each of these 6 Tastes of Life.  For example, Pungent Foods include ginger, horseradish, cinnamon and mustard.  Bitter Foods are things such as spinach and broccoli.  And Astringent Foods would be items like figs, mushrooms, lentils and green tea.  Deepak Chopra also told Dr Oz that we should take the following Nutritional Complements on a daily basis:


  1. Karen Yula says

    Where do I find the sign up to win a trip to California to be at the Chopra center? I can’t find it.
    Thanks, Karen

  2. Steve says

    My comment is the same as Karen’s above, Where do I go to enter for a chance to go to the Chopra Center?

  3. Melody Schad says

    I could’t understand where Dr. Oz said to go with the Chopra –


  4. Susan says

    Remember that this show was shown originally earlier in the year. They always flash the date of the original before the award is announced. It needs to be shown a couple of times so that people do not miss it.

  5. says

    Can you kindly provide the link site regarding winning a trip to California to Chopra Weekned Workshop Center. Cannot be found on the site..

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