Dr Oz: Deet-Free Insect Repellent & Dr Oz’s 20/20/20 Eye Exercise


Dr Oz Recap May 5 2014

Dr. Oz started today’s show by sharing tips to melt your belly fat once and for all. They include a recipe for Green Tea Lemonade and blood sugar stabilizing spices that will help you slim down! Next, find out how to survive allergy season by eating the right foods that might already be in your kitchen. Plus, learn what is really causing your headaches and get Dr. Oz’s 20/20/20 eye exercise to prevent strain when using your smartphone. Also, find out the signs of Lyme Disease and learn the right way to remove a tick to prevent being infected. Finally, Dr. Oz explains the difference between gallstones and food poisoning so you will know what is really wrong the next time you have symptoms.

Dr Oz: Forskolin Supplement Melts Belly Fat & Green Tea Lemonade

Dr Oz: 20-20-20 Eye Exercise & How to Avoid Digital Eye Strain

Dr Oz says a good way to avoid digital eye strain is by doing the 20-20-20 eye exercise when using a smartphone.


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